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Gowin Pest Solutions Welcomes You

"Providing a pest free environment to keep families safe and protect investments"

Gowin Pest Solutions is proud to offer quality pest control for homes and businesses in the Spokane area. With over 20 years experience and our proactive approach, we are confident we can take care of all your pest control needs. We’re committed to providing an outstanding service and going above and beyond to ensure our customers have excellent results with a pleasant experience.  We welcome you to look through our site to see all we have to offer.

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Gowin Pest Solutions

We are a local family owned business that can provide service to all areas of a property. Gowin Pest Solutions is skilled and licensed to safely treat your home, trees, and lawn areas. We can bundle these pet friendly services together to save you money. We look forward to serving the Spokane Community with honest, reliable, safe pest control services.

*Updated services now include Weed Control*


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Our Services

Residential Pest Control


This pet friendly exterior service provides pest prevention for homes from ants, spiders, wasps and many other invasive insects. Our goal is to prevent them from getting inside. Our Tri-annual services start at $99 per application, interior treatments are available if needed. Rodent control can be added to this service with a one time charge for equipment and installation. We also offer Bi-annual and an Annual services as well as Weed & Feeds.

Tree and shrub Insect control


Trees and shrubs in the Pacific Northwest can be prone to insects. Many different insects can damage or even kill your trees if gone untreated. The presence of these troublesome Insects will also bring unwanted wasps into the yard for them to feed on. Trees and shrubs can also harbor mosquitoes and spiders which can quickly take over a yard. We know by inspecting these areas and being pro-active will lead to a better overall experience for the customer. Systemic insecticide treatments are available for larger trees and potential sensitive areas. This is a great addition to the Structural Pest Control service.

Lawn Insect Treatment & Weed Control

Lawn Strip

Lawns can be hosts to a wide variety of different insects. Many of them will damage and kill your desirable turf without warning. We can give you an honest assessment and safely provide the appropriate treatment needed for your area. The lawn service can be added with a water saving soil surfactant that improves the penetration and infiltration of water into soil. Turf weed control program includes granular fertilizer.

Mosquito/ Fly Service


This service is essentially all of the other 3 combined. Using integrated pest management, we will inspect all areas, propose any actions needed, and make any necessary treatments to home, trees, shrubs and lawns. We can also provide relief from the black flies in the spring and give recommendations. These treatments will be made in early morning.

Commercial Pest Control Services


We can provide Premium Pest Control for your business, with available benefits for your employees. Gowin Pest Solutions knows the importance of keeping your investments safe from unsanitary conditions and destructive pests. Customers who encounter pest problems at an establishment are well known to never return, and then they share the story with friends. This loss of customers can end up costing you much more than a preventative Pest Control Program. We can diagnose any problems and offer real solutions. We are here to help with specific packages to fit your needs. Call us today.

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With all of our services, we will notify you of any preparations needed and any post treatment instructions. This is essential for safety and effectiveness. Precautions are always being taken to protect our pollinators and pets. We will ensure all details are simple, seamless and handled in a timely manner. Whenever you work with Gowin Pest Solutions, you can trust that you're in good hands. Free honest estimates. Senior discounts available. Gowin Pest Solutions LLC is licensed and insured. Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today.

"You'll win with Gowin" 

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